Electric Traction
A fully integrated EPCI contractor

Our turnkey supply offers railways and rapid transits around the world, a unique responsibility for the engineering, procurement, technological performance, construction, installation, commissioning and technical support of various telecommunications and electrification systems.

Our telecommunications and energy team of engineers at MERMEC STE and SkyComm work with railway companies arount the world to deliver integrated, efficient and scalable solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

Complete Turnkey Confidence

We create complex, ready-to-use engineering systems.
We guarantee time and quality of service wherever in the world we operate.

Power Supply & Electric Traction
Power Supply & Electric Traction
Power Supply & Electric Traction

We have worked for the rail and local public transport since the 1920s. We design and deploy Catenary Systems 1,5 – 3 kV DC, 25 kV AC, Electrical Substation MV/HV, Power Supply and Photovoltaic Systems.

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