Pantograph Interaction

Pantograph / Catenary Interaction Forces

Maintaining the connection with the contact wire is fundamental to the correct functioning of electric railways

Monitoring of interaction forces between the pantograph and overhead line through the use of accelerometers and load cells integrated into the pantograph. In the situation of loss of contact the system would face the interruption of the energy supply and also arcing phenomena leading to deterioration.

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Pantograph / Catenary Interaction Measuring System

The Pantograph / Catenary Interaction Measuring System provides both static and dynamic measurements of interaction forces and vertical accelerations, with a dynamic sampling frequency of up to 2 kHz at a maximum measuring speed of 320 km/h. The system can monitor also height and stagger of the catenary wire and measurements can be combined with the other catenary measurement systems.

Product Family Overhead Line Measuring Systems
Mounting Roof
  • Contact Forces
  • Pantograph Pan Vertical Accelerations
  • Contact wire height
  • Contact wire stagger
Measuring Speed 0 ÷ 320 km/h (0 ÷ 220 mph)
Standard & Regulation
  • EN50317 - Railway applications. Current collection systems
  • EN50119 - Railway applications. Fixed installations. Electric traction overhead contact lines
  • CEI IEC 60077 - Railway applications Electric equipment for rolling stock Part
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System also available in unmanned version
Served Railways
Mass TransitMass Transit
High SpeedHigh Speed
Main & RegionalMain & Regional
Heavy HaulHeavy Haul

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