Measuring System Replacement

Recording Car Renewal

Our experience and know-how in retrofit and refurbishment of track recording cars allow clients around the world to replace measurement systems with state-of-the-art technology that only MERMEC can offer.

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Measuring System Replacement

With our integrated skills in design, integration, retrofit and project management, we can take projects from concept to delivery bringing sharp focus to integration and interoperability issues.
We have the technical expertise and global insight to meet local requirements anywhere. But our know-how goes beyond technical solutions.

Some new or refurbished Plasser track recording cars equipped with MERMEC technology:

Company: ATM Milano, Italy
Systems provided: Rail Corrugation, Full Rail Profile, Track Geometry
Vehicle: Plasser EM-60
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSRC), Taiwan
Systems provided: Rail Corrugation, Full Rail Profile, Track Surface Inspection/Measurement
Vehicle: Plasser EM-120
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: Irish Railway (IE), Ireland
Systems provided: Track Geometry, Rail Corrugation, Rail Profile
Vehicle: Plasser EM-50
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), Italy
Systems provided: Tunnel Clearance, Track Geometry
Vehicle: Plasser EM SAT
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: DB Netze, Germany
Systems provided: Track Geometry
Vehicle: Plasser GMTZ
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: Speno, Australia
Systems provided: Track Surface Inspection/Measurement, Head Check Inspection
Vehicle: PlasserUS-6
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: BHP, Australia
Systems provided: Track Geometry, Rail Profile
Vehicle: Plasser EM-80
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: National Railways Infrastructure Company, Bulgaria
Systems provided: Catenary measurement
Vehicle: Plasser EM 120
Quantity: 1 vehicle
Company: RFI, Italy
Systems provided: Tunnel Inspection, Catenary Measurement, Signalling Diagnostic Systems
Vehicle: Matisa PV7
Quantity: 4 vehicles

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