Tunnel & Clearance

Tunnel & Clearance

Clearance gauge measurement of railway lines is a decisive operation to ensure traffic safety. Huge damage may be caused even by small objects entering the allowed clearance area.

High performance Clearance Gauge and Tunnel Walls Inspection System combining "state-of-the-art" optoelectronics and machine vision technology for automatic surveying and real-time assessment of tunnels and infrastructure clearance. A mandatory in-depth inspection and analysis: tunnels and clearance profiles on railways, capturing image data of bridges, underpasses, poles, walls, tree branches, and other obstacles is the only way to ensure the safe transport of rail passengers and cargo.

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T-Sight 400

The system, using a rotating laser mirror, scans a 360° radius of the transversal profile of the railway line, so that violations with respect to the admitted profile are detected and alarm reports with the anomalies are sent to the maintenance staff.
Moreover, the T-Sight 400, thanks to its modular design, can be easily integrated with the Video Surveillance System in order to provide the users with digital acquisitions of the line, or parts of the same, where the line parameters exceed the control thresholds.

Product Family Tunnel & Clearance
Technology Optical, No-contact
Sampling step Based on measurement speed
Measurement range up to 15 m
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