Train Temperature

Train Temperature

Hot axle boxes or burning transported loads must be identified before entering tunnels in order to prevent disasters.

A thermal map is simply completed with a thermal camera, but the accurate evaluation of the temperature is a much more complex operation as it depends on the emissivity that change accordingly to the material, the surface roughness grade and the viewing angle.

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Thermographic Scanning

An accurate scanner performs the train thermal analysis. It uses cutting-edge sensors, specifically designed according to MERMEC specifications to improve system accuracy. The system creates a thermal map of the train surface identifying temperature anomalies.

Product Family Wayside Train Measuring Systems
Temperature Range 80 °C ÷ 600 °C
Measuring Speed 0 ÷ 330 km/h (0 ÷ 205 mph)
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Served Railways
Mass TransitMass Transit
High SpeedHigh Speed
Main & RegionalMain & Regional
Heavy HaulHeavy Haul

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