Thermal Scanning

Thermal Scanning

Overhead catenaries can become overheated, expanding to such an extent that they almost touch the wagons. When overheated, the contact wire starts to expand, loses tension and starts to sag. In the worst case, it gets wound up around the locomotive’s pantograph. The train stops and the line is blocked. Repairing overhead lines takes time and one can only imagine the consequences on busy lines at rush hour.

Thermal imaging is the way to minimize unscheduled breakdowns of all electrical and mechanical equipment on the overhead line plant. Detecting the rise in temperature at an early stage can prevent costly failures and downtime.

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Contact Wire Thermal Scanning

The Thermal Scan Monitoring System is an infrared imaging system designed to carry out the thermal imaging of the contact wire. The system is rugged enough to stand in housing outside a train wagon and it has an image frequency able to visualize the lines at very high speed. The system measures in a range of 40°C to 500°C. The system can be combined with a Catenary Video Surveillance system which is able to capture high speed and high resolution colour images of the catenary and combine them with thermal images in software user interface.

Product Family Overhead Line Measuring Systems
Technology Optical, No-contact
Parameters Thermogram of the Catenary Contact Wire
Real-time analysis Synchronized with location data
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System also available in unmanned version
Served Railways
Mass TransitMass Transit
High SpeedHigh Speed
Main & RegionalMain & Regional
Heavy HaulHeavy Haul

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