Turnout & Crossing

Turnout & Crossing

Switches and Crossings (S&C) are the only devices on permanent way with moving parts, subjected during their life cycle to high and repetitive forces and vibrations. Proper care and cure of the switch area can bring countless benefits. Last Generation automated optoelectronic systems can be used to accurately measure three-dimensional geometry of switch layouts and associated measurements used in design, construction even at high speed with very limited track possession time.

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Turnout & Crossing Measurement System

Compact and lightweight no-contact measuring system allows an accurate evaluation of switch track geometry, gaps and profiles in a variety of operational conditions. The system integrates an high accuracy inertial measuring unit, optical boxes and linear cameras and it is able to provide measurements and inspection of all critical parts of turnouts and crossings from 0 km/h up to 240 km/h (150 mph). Integrated linear cameras allows the operator to catch and analyse high resolution images of the switch area.

Product Family Track Measuring Systems
Technology Optical, No-contact
  • Track Gauge
  • Cross Level / Cant
  • Twist
  • Alignment and Longitudinal Level D1, D2, D3 or Mid-Chord Offsets
  • Additional optional parameters available
  • Switch gaps
  • Checkrail and frogs height and gaps
  • Wear estimation on all swtich area rails
  • Switch inspection (rail, ballast, sleepers, fastenings, signalling devices)
Measuring Speed 0 ÷ 240 km/h (0 ÷ 150 mph)
International Standards EN-13848-1, EN-13848-2, FRA Regulations
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System also available in unmanned version
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High SpeedHigh Speed
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