KIWIRAIL chooses MERMEC GROUP technology for New Zealand railway safety

 December 21, 2023


Wellington, December 21, 2023

  • The contract calls for a diagnostic vehicle (Track Evaluation Car) equipped with 12 systems to monitor 3700 km of lines on the national grid.

MERMEC Australia, a MERMEC Group company specializing in safety and maintenance technologies for rail networks (part of Angel Holding, led by President Order of Merit for Labor Vito Pertosa, which develops solutions for the rail, digital mechatronics, and aerospace sectors), announces the signing of a contract with KiwiRail, New Zealand’s largest rail transport operator, for the advanced diagnostics of the national rail infrastructure.
The contract specifically calls for a diagnostic vehicle from MERMEC equipped with 12 innovative systems to inspect and measure 3700 kilometers of the network, thereby improving rail service safety, reliability, and quality. The vehicle will provide, in particular, exhaustive track analysis using hi-tech laser technology, sensors, cameras, measurement, and data management systems, all in realtime and traveling at speed, focusing on sustainability.

MERMEC Group CEO Luca Necchi Ghiri said, “I am extremely proud to announce the strategic agreement with KiwiRail, which is a significant step that underscores our leadership position on the oceanic continent and expands MERMEC Group’s international presence to include New Zealand among the countries in which it operates. This success, consolidated by the supply of four diagnostic vehicles to Australia, is further evidence of the high standards achieved by MERMEC’s Italian technology in the sector. I thank the entire
team and Roberto Caporusso, Executive Director of MERMEC Australia, for the work done in this project. We are ready to further collaborate with KiwiRail to contribute to the safety and efficiency of New Zealand’s rail network.”

KiwiRail Chief Planning & Asset Development Officer David Gordon said, “The purchase as part of KiwiRail’s commitment to minimising the risk of future disruptions to the track network. The current Track Evaluation Car is 41 years old, and the new one will require less maintenance, have less downtime, and will therefore achieve higher productivity rates. Our focus is on improving service reliability for customers, and investment in assets like the evaluation car is an important part of that."

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