The Continuous Train Management System developed according to the latest UNISIG specifications. Movement Authority directly from RBC to OnBoard Unit.

SIL4 digital radio-based signal and train protection system where train movements are monitored by the Radio Block Centre (RBC) while the on-board European Vital Computer (EVC) controls the transferred data and the maximum permissible speed. All trains automatically report their exact position and direction of travel to the RBC at regular intervals. The movement authority is transmitted to the vehicles continuously via GSM-R together with speed information and route data.

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Mass TransitMass Transit
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Heavy HaulHeavy Haul
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"GUARDIA" Onboard Subsystem by ANGELSTAR and Radio Block Centre

BTM Antenna
  • Energizes the balise
  • Acquires the telegrams transmitted from balise and Euroloop
  • Auto-diagnostic
  • Functioning temperature: -40°C to 70°C
RSDD Train Antenna
European Vital Computer (EVC)
  • Applies the Automatic Train Protection logic
  • Acts as the Interface with the train's main functions (odometry,etc...)
  • Manages the vital functions of the on-board subsystem and provides support for diagnostic maintenance of the on-board subsystem
Driver Machine Interface (DMI)
  • LCD touch screen panel to interact with the driver for control and indication functions
Radio Block Centre
  • The platform is based on a 2oo2HR architecture and is implemented with two independent and galvanically isolated processing sections
  • Each section is in turn made up of a pair of processors in 2oo2 architecture
  • The interface with other ground subsystems (IXL, RBC, Supervision Systems) is provided by two Ethernet interface cards
  • The interface with the GSM-R radio system is provided by special ISDN interface cards and Euroradio protocol. 

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Radio Block Centre

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