ETCS & SCMT Eurobalise

ETCS & SCMT Eurobalise

System checks the operating conditions of the Eurobalise, detecting possible anomalies in ground plants (i.e. degraded balise), decoding received telegrams, and analyzing balise radiation pattern.

The Eurobalise is a passive transponder that is powered by the train. It transmits either locally stored telegrams or telegrams provided by the line-side electronic unit (LEU) dependent on the railway signal aspect. Those telegrams inform the train about signals, speed limits and track conditions.

When the train crosses a Eurobalise, the Eurobalise is tele-powered by BTM and transmit a telegram which is received by the BTM. After reception the telegram is processed and passes to the train control computer, called the European Vital Computer (EVC). The EVC provides cab signaling to the driver, Furthermore, it continuously monitors the train speed and, if necessary, applies the service brake and/or the emergency brake to guarantee the safety of the train.

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ETCS & SCMT Eurobalise

MERMEC diagnostic system is able to check the operating conditions of the Eurobalise, detecting any possible anomalies in the ground plants (i.e. degraded balise). Moreover, the diagnostic system tele-powers the Eurobalise processing the telegram received. It acquires and digitizes the major lobe of the balise radiation pattern as well as registers the "length of contact" intervening between the balise interception and the bit stream receipt (telegram acquisition).

The diagnostic system "Acquisition and Processing Unit (AUPU)" is able to measureevaluate:

  • distance between balises
  • functioning status of balises
  • functioning status of encoder/cables connected to balises
  • type of detected balises.
The AUPU unit contains a database storing the following information:
  • all information points (IP)
  • for each IP: type, balises number and typology, related plant
  • all telegrams associated with each balise.
Measured Parameters
  • Balise Unique ID
  • Location information
  • Balise Telegrams
  • Protocol decoding failure alert
  • Balise information failure alert (inconsistency between acquired and expected data)
  • On board equipment response
  • Lobe of radiation
Definition of ETCS (European Train Control System) An automatic train protection system (ATP) to replace the existing national ATP-systems; ETCS is one of the two basic components of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS).
Definition of SCMT (Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno) An ATP (Automatic Train Protection) system used to protect the train while running with reference to the signal conditions, maximum velocity allowed by the railway line and that allowed by rolling-stock.
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